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NAMI Education Programs
A FREE 12 week course for family members or caregivers of individuals living with mental illness. 

NAMI’s Family-to-Family Education Program is a FREE 12-week course for families and friends of individuals living with Major Depression, Bi-Polar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Panic Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Borderline Personality Disorder. The course is taught by trained family members who have chosen to become teachers after being empowered as a result of taking this class. Many family members describe this program as life changing. Join the thousands of families who have gained information, insight, understanding, and empowerment from attending this NAMI signature program.

Course Topics Include:
  • Family response to trauma
  • Diagnosis & dealing with critical periods
  • The biology of the brain; emerging scientific discoveries
  • Problem solving workshop
  • Medication review
  • Understanding the inner experience of living w/ mental illness
  • Communications skills workshop
  • Self-care
  • Rehabilitation; services available
  • Advocacy: fighting stigma
  • Celebration & certification ceremony

Place your name on one of three 2013 Fall class lists today—these classes fill up quickly so call soon to secure your space in the class. 563-322-8870

In Davenport:

1706 Brady St, Suite 101
- 12 Wednesdays -
September 4—November 20, 2013

ST Paul Lutheran Church
2136 Brady St
- 12 Thursdays -
September 5 — November 21, 2013

Davenport classes must register through the NAMI GMV Office:

In Muscatine:

Muscatine Comm. College
152 Colorado St.
- 12 Thursdays -
September 19 – December 12, 2013
No class on Thanksgiving
Register through the college: 888-336-3907, Reference Course#: 127878

A FREE 10 week recovery education course for individuals living with mental illness.  

Peer-to-Peer is a 10 week, FREE & unique, experiential learning program for people living with a serious mental illness who are interested in establishing and maintaining their wellness and recovery. 

Participants learn:
  • How to prevent relapse
  • How to improve quality of life
  • Coping skills
  • Exercises to calm thinking
  • Skills for working with providers & the public
  • How to protect your interests

A FREE 6 week course for parents & other caregivers of children & adolescents living with mental illness.

This free six week course is taught by parents or other primary caregivers who have lived similar experiences with their own children, allowing families to connect to one another while learning about mental illness and empowering themselves to overcome new challenges. This class provides information families want and need about their child. Caregivers who suspect their child is experiencing symptoms of mental illness can also greatly benefit from the course as they begin to navigate the evaluation and treatment process.

Course Topics include:
• The biology of mental illness  
• The latest research, advances in treatment and an overview of treatment options  
• The impact of a child’s mental illness on the rest of the family  
• An overview of the systems of care for children and teens living with mental illness 

Currently taking names for the summer/fall class — 
call today to reserve your spot: 563-322-8870

Parents & Teachers as Allies
In-Service Mental Health Education for School Professionals
This training will enable its participants to deliver (as a group of four persons) a two hour 
in-service education program to school professionals and families to provide them with a better understanding of the early warning signs of mental illness in children and adolescents. Also, 
it will help their audience understand how to best intervene so that youth with mental health 
treatment needs are linked with services.  

Provider Education:
​The NAMI Provider Education Program is a 5-week course that presents a penetrating, 
subjective view of family and consumer experiences with serious mental illness to line staff at 
public agencies who work directly with people experiencing severe and persistent mental 
illnesses. The course helps providers realize the hardships that families and consumers face and appreciate the courage and persistence it takes to live with and recover from mental illness.

Public Education Presentations:

In Our Own Voice:
A Free presentation by people living with mental illness. This program is ideal for:
Human resource departments, health care providers, law enforcement professionals
faith communities, consumer groups, students. any community or civic organization
Contact the NAMI office to schedule a presentation 563-322-8870.

Hearing Voices:
A training & curriculum package in which participants use headphones for listening to a specially designed recording and undertake a series of tasks including social interaction, a psychiatric interview, cognitive testing, and an activities group in a mock day treatment program —followed by a debriefing and discussion period.  To schedule a presentation, contact Connie Williams at,

To learn more about these classes watch the outreach video(s) by clicking on any of the logos listed below

Seeking Family-to-Family Teachers, Basics Teachers & Peer-to-Peer Mentors, Connection Recovery Support Group Facilitators, Family Support Group Facilitators, and Parents & Teachers as Allies Teams

NAMI Statewide Trainings
On the calendar for 2013

NAMI Peer-to-Peer Mentor Training

NAMI Family Support Group Facilitator Training

NAMI Family-to-Family Teacher Training

NAMI Basics Teacher Training

NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group Facilitator Training

Food and lodging for all trainings is paid by NAMI Iowa
Transportation cost is the responsibility of the participant. 
Contact Caroline at the NAMI office to receive an application

Vicki Walters
Our signature education programs provide educational resources geared toward providing a better understanding of various diagnosis, addressing family response to trauma, enhancing peer support and empowering individuals living with mental illness on their road to recovery.
Taking names for our next Davenport class - - 
NAMI GMV is not offering this course at this time.
Call our office to schedule a presentation at your church, school, fraternal organization, rotary club, etc.